Inauguration of Axel's ECO Club, 'The Green Warriors'


Axel Public School is thrilled to share that the ECO Club. 'The Green Warriors'of Axel Public School was inaugurated on on May 23, 2023, under the guidance of Mrs Monti Gogoi, Principal Axel Public School. Her dedication and commitment served as an inspiration for the students and set the tone for a greener future. The event marked a significant step towards fostering environmental consciousness and sustainability among the students, emphasising the importance of environmental conservation in today's world.

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To introduce the club's objectives, a captivating video was presented by the club's mentor, highlighting various environmental causes and encouraging the students to actively participate in making a positive impact. The video motivated the students to take up the responsibility of preserving the planet for future generations.

As a symbol of their membership and commitment, the ECO Club members were presented with exclusive club t-shirts. The t-shirts not only fostered a sense of unity among the members but also served as a reminder of their role in promoting sustainable practices.

ECO Club Axel Public School, Schools Near Me, Top Schools in Guwahati,

During the event, the students had an opportunity to introduce themselves and share their passion for environmental conservation. Their enthusiasm and determination were evident as they expressed their ideas and discussed their plans to drive eco-friendly initiatives within the school and beyond.

To enhance the celebratory atmosphere and encourage camaraderie, attendees enjoyed treats that were thoughtfully prepared with sustainability in mind. The refreshments provided a platform for students, staff, and guests to engage in meaningful conversations about upcoming eco-friendly projects and exchange ideas for a greener future.

ECO Club Axel Public School, Schools Near Me, Top Schools in Guwahati, The Green Warriors, Axel Public School,

Axel Public School extends a special acknowledgment to all the students who joined the ECO Club, commending their dedication and passion for environmental preservation. The Green Warriors believe that by working together, we can create a more sustainable and eco-friendly world.

The ECO Club welcomes everyone to celebrate this momentous occasion and encourages unity in building a greener and healthier future for all, a sustainable and eco-friendly world for generations to come.