Axel's Vigyayana 2023: A Quest of Wonders!


Axel's Vigyayana 2023: A Quest of Wonders !

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Snippets from Axel's Vigyayana

On the 16th of September 2023, Axel's Vigyayana took center stage, and what a spectacular event it was!

Students from classes 1 to 12 poured their hearts and minds into this year's Science Exhibition, showcasing their creativity and passion for discovery. The day commenced with an inauguration ceremony, graced by Mr. Prasanta Choudhury, Director, Axel Public Society. The excitement was palpable as we embarked on a journey of scientific exploration.

The Director and the Principal of the school embarked on an inspiring tour of the classrooms, where they witnessed an array of remarkable projects and models. Students eagerly explained their work, and the Director’s questions spurred captivating discussions.

From the simplicity of the food pyramid to intricate machines and tools integral to our daily lives, from unraveling the mysteries of our solar system to exploring the boundless expanse of space, the diversity of projects was awe-inspiring.

Special appreciation was awarded to three outstanding models from classes 8 and 9, recognizing their exceptional promise in the world of science. Parents, teachers, and students alike explored the classrooms, engaging in enlightening conversations and enjoying the immersive experience.

Axel's Vigyayana 2023 was a testament to our students' dedication, creativity, and thirst for knowledge. We couldn't be prouder of their scientific spirit! Together, we continue to foster a love for science and innovation that will shape our future.

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